DIY Y-adaptor for logic analyzer

In this blog entry we will show you a very easy and furthermore very efficient solution to debug your electronic circuits. Maybe you saw it in our videos on youtube, that we got a logicanalyzer here now. But sometimes you don’t want to measure the signals sent from a microcontroller itself and to measure the signals from microcontroller and target instead. Then you will need a Y-adaptor!
This will help you with connecting your both devices on one single connector strip on the PCB.

Step 1:
To ensure the soldering of our parts used, we need to cut some millimeters of the socket strip that will connect the adaptor to the PCB. Be cautious not to cut the small levers that hold the pins at their place.

Step 2:
You can also skip this step of burring, but we do it for the optics 😉

Step 3:
In this step you can attach the pins inside the socket strip, after forming the soldering lug to loosely fit around a socket pin.

Step 4:
Now, take a double-row socket strip and a wire. Wrap the wire around the pins to connect the adjacent ones of row 1 and 2.

Step 5:
Take a small bit of solder and make sure they have a proper electric contact.

Step 6:
Now we are ready to solder both parts together. Use a low temperature on your solder iron to prevent the plastics from damage.

Here you see our self built adaptor in use!

And finally, don’t miss the video:

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